Waste & re-use

Living within the limits of our planet’s natural resources is an essential part of being a transition town. That means following the four Rs – reducing what we consume and use, reusing (and repairing) items wherever we can, refusing what we don’t need and recycling materials so they can be used again.

Actions to take

  • Remember the mantra: Reduce, Reuse, Refuse – and then Recycle what’s left.
  • Get to know what materials (including specific types of plastic) your kerbside recycling collection can take– and try to ensure you mostly buy items using those materials. Check out what Lewes District Council will recycle here.
  • Use the weekly food waste caddy provided by the council.
  • Complain to companies who overpackage their products – and check out Plastic Free Lewes for tips on reducing unnecessary plastic.
  • Use online services like Freegle and Freecycle to find items you need second-hand – or to give away stuff you don’t need.

What we’ve been doing

Here are initiatives set up by TTL and others to tackle waste in our town.

Plastic Free Lewes

Set up by Transition Town Lewes in 2017, Plastic Free Lewes aims to raise aware of the global impact of plastic pollution and help encourage reduction in the use of unnecessary single-use plastic.

PFL holds regular talks, workshops and film-screenings, lobbies government and big business, and works with local businesses, schools and other organizations to see how disposable plastic use can be reduced. It has also created the Plastic Free Lewes Pledge inviting local people, shops and businesses to say how they are cutting out the plastic.

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Litter-free Lewes

Litter-Free Lewes is a project set by Transition Town Lewes aiming to clean up our town by carrying out regular litter pick-ups and raising awareness of the impact of littering on wildlife, waterways and the rest of our natural environment.

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Lewes Repair Cafe

Not a TTL initiative – but very welcome addition in the war against waste! The Lewes Repair Café is normally held monthly and invites residents to bring their household items to be repaired – free of charge although a donation to help with the ongoing running of the café is welcomed. Monthly meetings have been suspended during the Covid-19 lockdown.

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Lewes Library of Things

Not a TTL initiative – organised by the founders of Lewes Repair Cafe. Lewes Library of Things is a service that allows anyone to borrow an item or piece of equipment for a few days without the unnecessary expense of having to buy it.

Lewes Library of Things is based at Landport Community Room, 2a Horsfield Road, Lewes, BN7 2TA. Opening times are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 10.30am to 12.30pm. To use the service, you need to sign up as a member – learn more on the website: www.leweslibraryofthings.org.uk



A TTL Supporter would like to re-start the Lewes SwapShop, which allows local people to swap skills, time and household items. If you would like to help with this, email enquiries@transitiontownlewes.org.

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