Other resources

There are hundreds of websites, blogs, campaigns and organisations devoted to climate and environmental issues. Here are just a few that we keep coming back to.

  • The Transition Network – Discover what other transition towns are up to and get inspiration to start transitioning your street, village, town or city.
  • Rob Hopkins website – The co-founder of the Transition Movement always provides inspiring and thought-provoking ideas and opinion.
  • TED Countdown to Climate – A brilliant series of talks held in 2020. exploring the challenges and potential solutions to the global climate crisis.
  • Rising Earth News – A ‘new kind of news channel’ focused on the positives of a sustainable revolution.
  • TreeHugger – Offers advice, clarity, and inspiration for both the eco-savvy and the green living novice.
  • Client Earth – An environmental charity using the law to create a future where people and planet thrive together.
  • Centre for Alternative Technology – Educational charity dedicated to researching and communicating solutions to get greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero.

Climate ActionBuilds partnerships between business, government and public bodies to advance the ‘green economy’.