Could we do this in Lewes?

Transition Town Hastings are starting an initiative to encourage local takeaways and food outlets to use more eco-friendly packaging than plastic or particularly polystyrene. This is part of a wider campaign to reduce litter on the beaches and in the sea, and they hope to get support from the local council and possibly the Foreshore Trust. And it will tie in with another marine litter project to create artwork from litter on the beaches.

They’re at the planning stage currently, and wondered whether other Transition groups in coastal areas would be interested in mutually supporting, sharing ideas etc.

They plan a scheme of community recognition and support for food outlets that move to more sustainable packaging, perhaps through awarding certificates or at least stickers for them to put in their windows. They also hope for press coverage to encourage local engagement. They’re targeting independent take-aways for now as retailers have less control over the packaging they sell food in. But their hope is to raise awareness more generally about the environmental effects of food packaging, and then move onto bigger things.If anyone is interested in starting an initiative in Lewes or has some expertise or ideas that they are prepared to put into practice, do please contact Julia


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