The Lewes ShopShopThe Lewes SwopShop was started in 2009 by Transition Town Lewes to allow people in Lewes to swap their skills and services instead of paying cash. Now we’re looking for volunteers help to revive it.

In the current economic environment when cash is tight, finding inventive ways to share resources and skills is especially appealing. That’s why a few TTL supporters are interested in resurrecting the SwopShop.

How it works

The SwopShop works more or less like a LETS scheme. People can offer their services and receive payments in `swops’ (1 swop = £1). Once the service is complete they will receive swops into their online account from the person ‘buying’ their service. There’s also potential for items like clothes and household goods to be exchanged online.

Swops can be traded for almost any service you can imagine from baby-sitting to gardening to home repairs and therapy sessions without any money exchanging hands (the cost of materials can be met using cash).

In this way you can use your skills or time as a form of currency – great for anyone without money to spare.

Restarting Lewes SwopShop
If you’re interested in helping to revive Lewes SwopShop, we’d love your help. Contact us here…


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