Do you manage a canteen or workplace in Sussex that’s looking to use Vegware compostable plastic but don’t know how dispose of it? If so, a new service for businesses in Sussex could be of interest, as Plastic Free Lewes explains.

Compostable plastic that’s made from plants rather than fossil fuels sounds great for the environment – in theory. The problem is how to dispose of it.

Putting compostable plastic into standard rubbish that’s going to landfill ends up creating methane (bad). Putting it in your normal recycling is also a no-no because it’s not made of ‘proper’ plastic that can actually be recycled – so can contaminate the whole recycling load. And although it’s called compostable, products like Vegware need the high heat provided by industrial composting processes in order to break down – so domestic composting bins are out too.

Which is all a bit depressing for any business trying to do the right thing by switching away from plastic.

But, finally, Vegware, one of the biggest makers of compostable takeaway packaging, have come up with the glimmerings of a solution. It’s teamed up with Paperound (the waste management company founded by Friends of the Earth in the 1980s) to offer a service to collect used Vegware packaging from works canteens and other ‘controlled environments’, which are then taken to a specialist composting facility to be made into agricultural compost.

Following trials, the service is now available in London, Brighton and surrounding areas of Sussex, including Lewes. You can get details in this webinar here:

Do note that the service is ONLY available for Vegware products, and your business needs to be of a decent size to collect the volume of waste required (the service will collect a minimum of 2 x 240 litre bins). Plastic Free Lewes and other organisations are pushing for the service to be made available to communities and specific events such as festivals. Paperound says it is hoping to trial a kerbside collection service soon – we’ll keep you posted how that goes.

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