Lewes Library of Things is open!


Lewes Library of Things, where household items and equipment can be borrowed rather than bought, is open for business from the start of July – and now intends to be FREE to all. Co-founder Tony Rowell explains more.

Lewes Library of Things is a service that allows anyone to borrow an item or piece of equipment for a few days without the unnecessary expense of having to buy it.

From power tools to camping equipment, the idea is to allow those with limited funds, space or a desire to buy less to still be able to carry out projects or activities. At the same time, borrowing rather than buying can help the environment by reducing consumption and waste.

Lewes Library of Things is based at Landport Community Room, 2a Horsfield Road, Lewes, BN7 2TA. Opening times are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 10.30am to 12.30pm. To use the service, you need to sign up as a member – learn more on the website: www.leweslibraryofthings.org.uk

Following a positive response from so many people, we have decided to take the radical step of making the service FREE to all so as not to exclude anyone who may not be able to pay fees however low they are.

This means the project will rely on the generosity of those who can afford it to make donations when they borrow items. You can also support the project financially by making a donation at: https://localgiving.org/charity/golocalcic/



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