Start living the future right now by making some lifestyle changes: think about cutting fuel use and finding alternatives, shopping locally,  using the Lewes Pound, growing your own food, reducing food waste, buying less and recycling more…

The East Sussex Credit Union (ESCU) is a not for profit savings and loans co-operative – move your savings, avoid loan sharks, save from payroll – everyone welcome. Main office in Brighton, weekly help point in Lewes at De Montford community flat – more…

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And imagine making life as great as possible today, tomorrow and for quite a while after that too – for the next generation.

Treat the earth well. It was not given to you by your parents. It was loaned to you by your children (Kenyan proverb).

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in the opposite direction (Albert Einstein).