Are you interested in being involved in how Lewes will develop in the future? If so, Transition Town Lewes is looking for someone with energy and enthusiasm to represent us on the Lewes Neighbourhood Plan.

A Neighbourhood Plan enables local people to influence future development in their community. Introduced through the 2011 Localism Act it can establish policies for the development and use of local land. So it can be a powerful way to help shape and protect the neighbourhood we want to see.


Transition Town Lewes has been involved in developing the sustainability element of the Lewes Neighbourhood Plan over the past 18 months. This has included considering aspects such as flood resilience, climate change adaptation, sustainable food production and ecosystem services.

If you would like to volunteer to carry this work further, we are looking for someone who can

– attend Neighbourhood Plan steering group meetings (held monthly in Lewes)
– liaise closely with the rest of the NP team on events and public consultations
– help continue to develop Transition Town Lewes sustainability strategy and see how it can be incorporated into Lewes Neighbourhood Plan policies
– report back to the Transition Town Lewes steering group on latest news and progress.

The Lewes Neighbourhood Plan is still at development stage, with the intention that it can be finalised and put to a public referendum this year or early 2016. So it’s an exciting time to get involved.
If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Kirsten Firth to learn more.


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