As an individual, YOU do make a difference – Shop local and show your power!

shop local  

Our local independent stores and traders NEED you. YOU can make a real difference to their survival – you can save them from going under; you can help them to thrive! We now know that a single individual’s spending makes a real difference to a local independent shop. If you value them being here, use them and take a New Year pledge

Here’s a complete list of where to buy virtually all basic foods in independent shops in Lewes…

We all recognise how important our local independent shops are in Lewes, but how much do you actually use them? And how much do they need your support? A pledge from you as an individual to shop local will save our local Independent shops.

Make a new year pledge – for January and February 2017, in particular, to shop small; shop local; eat local & enjoy local.

January and February are hard months for small traders and shops with low customer footfall. Making a particular effort during these months to use your favourite local shop more frequently could mean the difference between survival or going out of business!

Here’s how it works…
We now know that 10 individuals spending £20/month or 20 individuals spending £10/month can relieve the stress and anxiety of ‘going under’ for an individual store or trader. Their margins can be that tight! You have it in your individual power to help our local shops survive and thrive!

 shop local

Shop small


Shop local


Eat local


Enjoy local

Thank you for your support!





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