It will be 2030. My about-to-be grandson will be a large hungry teenager and our world will have changed hugely. Zero Carbon Britain 2030 (Centre for Alternative Technology) calculates that we can reach zero carbon emissions using current technology, and still have a good standard of living. Lewes has already made a start with solar panels on Harveys and elsewhere, and there is much more in the pipeline locally. ZCB also addresses food and agriculture and shows that a healthy diet is lower in carbon emissions.

  I propose we plan towards this date and start with a festival celebrating our progress towards a liveable, flourishing Lewes in 2030, covering all aspects of life from zero carbon to community care, health, education and fair employment. The Lewes 2030 project will bring in different sections of the community planning for its welfare and ask: how will we achieve our desires and needs by 2030?

My generation will need to be part of a supportive community – how will health and caring be managed in the Lewes area? How can we increase wellbeing, eliminate poverty and make sure that people doing essential work can live nearby? What will Lewes produce and sell?

Even if the world reduces carbon emissions drastically, climate change will still have got worse, probably with more droughts, more winter rain and more storms and flooding – what preparation do we need to make?

Lewes 2030 will start this autumn and become an annual event, showcasing viable future plans and preparations, in which any group can get involved. Please get in touch if you would like to take part.