Transition Town Lewes: Our Aims

Our core purpose is to mobilise and facilitate community action in order to respond effectively and positively to climate change and peak oil. We do this by:

Raising awareness in the Lewes area to the issues of climate change and peak oil

Providing a framework for an effective response to climate change and peak oil, including facilitating the creation of an Energy Descent Plan

Working with people and groups already engaged with these issues

Empowering people in the Lewes area to respond positively to climate change and peak oil

We do this because a world using less energy and resources will be more resilient, more abundant and more pleasurable than at present.

How we work
These are the principles that guide the way TTL works. These are continuing to develop and evolve:

We work together because we know that together we are greater than the sum of our parts. We work in a collaborative way because we get better results for less effort.

– We don’t need permission to act as long as there is a group (as defined here…) around the action. There is no hierarchy. Individuals in TTL take responsibility for their decisions, actions and results.

We are a networked organisation with a steering group (as defined here…)

We trust that those who step forward have good intentions and will make good decisions. We give autonomy and support to those who wish to be part of TTL.

We are accountable to ourselves and to each other in keeping with the TTL purpose and principles.

We are transparent in everything we do.

We don’t have a blueprint. We believe in multiple paths, ideas and possibilities. We think questions are as important as answers. It’s fine to make mistakes and learn from them.

We are open to working with everyone. We welcome diversity and see it as a strength not a problem. We avoid categories of “them and us”.

We recognise that we are all teachers and learners. We value both the professional and the practical.

We acknowledge other initiatives and seek to find ways to collaborate and further the aims of TTL.

We give what we can and ask for what we need.

– Individually and as a group we work on the things we enjoy so that we do them well.

We work with a natural momentum, driven by our passion and positive approach.


Organisational structure

There are also some specific principles that deal with the organisational structure:

TTL Groups form as needed to do what needs to be done: make decisions, take action; they dissolve when the need is gone.

– Each Group is responsible for raising and acquiring its own money and resources – and for using these wisely.

Groups exist to deliver the Aims of TTL in a positive and concrete way.

– It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure the free flow of information and knowledge around the network.

– We all consider the effects of our actions on our public reputation.

Our organisational structure is described further here… 


Fundraising for projects

There are also some specific principles on fundraising for projects. These new principles have been developed by a few interested people, if you have any comments please raise them at the monthly meeting of the TTL contact people, which anyone in TTL is welcome to.

Members of TTL can earn money from doing TTL work, if there is funding available. Transparency and openness is very important.

Projects for which funding is sought need to be agreed with the relevant TTL group/s.

The project must support the aims of TTL and be in line with the other principles and be designed to deliver on key objectives of the group/s.

If the proposer, or a group member, of the project is the intended beneficiary of the funding then the group must open it up to wider competition within TTL or beyond if appropriate.

The TTL group which raised the funding or the TTL Finance Group or another partner organisation will hold the budget for the project and account for it publicly and regularly.

The TTL group who developed the project are responsible for monitoring the project, its process and outcomes.

If anyone in TTL does not agree that the project is in line with TTL aims and principles then then that person can take the project to the TTL Forum for discussion.

Finance and Funding procedures
Detailed finance and funding procedures have been developed by the finance group and can be found here on the group’s page.


Updating these Principles

And finally, a principle on how we evolve the principles:

We make changes to these Principles where necessary, but only with a high level of consensus.


Last updated: 2015