The Lewes Pound is bringing out two set of special issues this year. The LP1s and LP5s marking the opening of the Depot cinema have been in circulation for a few weeks now and their beautiful designs have been well received. We are pleased to be able to help celebrate this great new addition to the cultural life of our town and delighted that in turn the Depot is marking its commitment to all things local by accepting Lewes Pounds in payment for films and refreshments.

Now we are celebrating the tenth anniversaries of both Transition Town Lewes (TTL) and Ovesco, our local energy company, with more unique LP1 and LP5 notes.The notes as ever will be fully backed by sterling and exchangeable upon request. They will be available in the farmers market on 1st July and of course we will be at the 10th anniversary event at the Depot on 5th July, so you can exchange sterling for the notes and buy food and drinks.


People who have standing orders will find the new notes in their usual envelopes. In addition we are making a special offer to people who take out standing orders to reward them for their support and to encourage yet more residents to celebrate our town by spending Lewes Pounds in all the partaking businesses. They will receive LP21 for every £20 they pay to the Lewes Pound as a standing order. It is a very easy process:-

1. Contact your bank and set up a monthly payment to the Lewes Pound CIC, Co-operative Bank; Sort code 08-92-99; A/C number 65421792.Give your surname as a reference.

Email stating the date and amount of the standing order and where you would like to pick up your Lewes Pounds (preferably one of our issuing points).

Collect your Lewes Pounds on or after the 1st of each month.

It is as easy as that and thereafter you too can help to celebrate Lewes by spending our unique local currency in our many independent businesses.


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