There’s a stereotype that we Americans only want low cost and convenience when it comes to transport, energy, and most of all, food. However, if you have seen the documentary, Sustainable, you will know that we are a diverse nation where different people have new or rather, old, ideas towards sustainable living. America is not just a nation of gas guzzling, fast food eating, gun toting people – sure, some of my relatives are like that, but not all. Many of us have become stuck in a cyclical system which traps us in bad food production and bad food purchasing choices, if we have a choice. There are movements out there though to improve food transition and I am a part of this.

Convenience and Consumerist Culture
First, we should not blame many of the consumers who perpetuate these forces. Consumers are often trapped in a system whereby work and family commitments minimize the time they have and the finances they have to make choices. It becomes easier to not cook – to buy ready made meals or to get take outs. Furthermore, the cost of so-called organic or natural foods is too high for most to pay and perhaps, too complex for most to understand if they cared for it. This is not to assume people are incapable, it’s just not a top priority.  Read more by Jackie Edwards…

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