The Burning Question addresses the fiendish system we are all entangled in, that works despite our wishes and future welfare, to drive more exploration of fossil fuels, including fracking. We cannot burn most of the reserves that companies and countries already hold. The book outlines potential solutions holistically, and for me helps to put in context the various things that I and others are involved in. Ultimately (and soon) we have to turn off the tap and put a global limit on extraction, unless the emissions can be captured and stored.

Individual and community actions provide leadership and help people to see that change is OK. Disinvestment by pension schemes etc can also help, but there has to be a huge democratic push for capping. The book helps plan a process of change – a kind of self-induced peak oil – which strengthens hope.

I have invited one of the authors to come and speak in Lewes in the autumn. In the mean time, I strongly recommend the book and would like to discuss it more. Ann Link


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