The World Bank report is one from a number of institutions that are starting to get the fact that we’re outside the worst case scenarios for climate change.  Here’s one from Pricewaterhouse Coopers.
Here’s a comment on the International Energy Agency report which has caused such a storm recently because it predicted that the US would be fossil fuel self-sufficient by 2030.
And here’s the bit of the IEA report which most people missed, about how we need to leave ALL the fossil fuels in the ground.
Richard Heinberg is writing a piece about the concept of Saudi America for the next issue of Transition Free Press. In the mean time, here’s something which argues that fracking is just a big bubble. And this on how much methane is being released into the atmosphere at fracking sites.
This is good from Naomi Klein on Hurricane Sandy and possibilities for progressive change in the USHere’s another one…
And, here’s one from a former UN climate negotiator on how the next UN climate report will “scare the wits out of everyone”.
Call me a pessimistic but I personally think they’re all being a bit optimistic (as does this commentator) but there is some really good news in the current US opinion poll about climate change
However this is pretty grim on plans for coal-fired plants around the world:
Finally, here’s a nice piece for the optimistic types among you on how urine could be the next free energy machine.

Alexis Rowell, Transition Free Press


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