Workshop: A fresh look at carbon footprints

Tuesday 11 May, 4pm – 5:30 pm, online (Zoom) FREE
Lewes District Climate Action Forum is hosting a free workshop to help individuals, businesses and groups calculate their carbon footprint – and identify the most effective action to reduce it. 

Working out a carbon footprint is a vital first step for any individual, group or organisations wanting to reduce their climate impact. However, it is often skipped. As a result, actions taken aren’t necessarily those that will have the largest impact on emissions. 

This workshop promises to take a fresh look at carbon foot-printing and its potential to ensure efforts are focused on those actions that have the largest impact on climate change. With lots of new and existing initiatives helping tackle the climate crisis, the workshop is also an opportunity to get up to speed with local projects in which to get involved. 

Who is the workshop suitable for? This event is suitable for anyone interested in calculating their carbon footprint either as an individual, group, area, business or other organisation. Participants will also have the opportunity to work on their carbon footprint with local experts. 

Register your free place at: 

The event will be recorded. 

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  1. Lucy Harbor

    Do you have a recording of this event?


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