Lewes PoundThe 2020 edition of the Lewes Pound is now available – with lots of businesses in Lewes eager to accept them. And if you set up a monthly standing order to receive it, you can get LP21 for every £20 you order, explains Susan Murray.

It is now getting easier to shop with cash, including Lewes Pounds (LPs), in a number of local Lewes businesses. Some are still doing only contactless and card payments, but you can, for instance, now do your weekly shop in the Friday market with Lewes Pounds or spend them in Richards Butchers or Cheese Please. The Depot will also accept them as payment for films.

We’ve now resumed the Lewes Pound stall at the Farmers Market on the first Saturday of the month so you can exchange notes there and spend them in the market. All the usual issuing points are operating again, though some, like the town hall, have reduced opening hours.

Spend £20, get LP21

With more businesses happy to handle paper currency, we have also decided it’s time to reinstate our standing order system for those wishing to use Lewes Pounds regularly. Just set up a standing order and then collect a monthly envelope from an issuing point of your choice.

What’s more for every £20 you pay to the Lewes Pound as a standing order, you’ll receive LP21. This is our way to thank you for your support and to encourage more residents to support our town by spending Lewes Pounds in all partaking businesses.

Local currencies are a great way to support homegrown businesses and to help ensure that money spent in Lewes stays in Lewes. In these tough economic times, what could be more worthwhile?

How to set up your Lewes Pound standing order

  1. Contact your bank and set up a monthly payment to the Lewes Pound CIC, Co-operative Bank; Sort code 08-92-99; A/C number 65421792. Give your surname as a reference.
  2. Email hello@thelewespound.org stating the date and amount of the standing order and where you would like to pick up your Lewes Pounds (preferably one of our issuing points).
  3. Collect your Lewes Pounds on or after the 1st of each month


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