Improve your home logoNot-for-profit co-operative Warmer Sussex has a new online tool that can suggest a range of energy efficiency improvements for your home, based on your budget and your goals – and it’s keen for us all to give it a try.

Warmer Sussex, the not-for-profit co-operative promoted by Lewes District Council, has launched a free-to-use online tool that can suggest a range of energy efficiency improvements, based on your budget and your goals.

The Warmer Sussex Plan Builder is designed to help you navigate the different options, while giving you an indication of how each would affect both your energy bills and your CO2 emissions.  It also provides you with an estimate of the cost and a description of each option, plus alternatives, so you have a complete picture of the improvements you could make.

Warmer Sussex has told us it’s actively seeking people to try out the Plan Builder. You don’t make any commitment by setting up a plan, and you can make changes if it doesn’t seem to fit your house.

In the experience of TTL members that have used it, it gave us some new ideas, and often confirmed what we were thinking of doing.

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