Attached is a synopsis of your opinions which have been gathered via the Lewes Bread Club and the consultation activities at Baking Communities on the 9th of November regarding a community supported kitchen and bakery for Lewes.

“Things have been progressing very positively indeed. We have been kindly donated a load of fantastic equipment by The Learning Development Center in East Brighton – A massive thank you to Lee and Graham for this amazing gift! We are currently looking at several sites which could house this enterprise, but as yet, the right place has not materialized.

I am in the process of writing several funding bids to support this project, so fingers crossed. I’ll be hosting a more focused consultation and visioning session on Saturday 21st January 2012, from 10.00 until 13.00 – please can you contact me if you would like to attend this session as places will be limited!In the mean time, feel free to post your opinions, thoughts, visions and advice on the Lewes Community Kitchen facebook page. Upwards and onwards.” Robin Van Creveld, Community Chef


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