TTL are delighted to be taking part in an exciting new national media experiment – the launch of Transition Free Press, the quarterly newspaper of the Transition movement. We’ll be one of 35 Transition Initiatives that have signed up to distribute the newspaper from day one.


TFP’s News Editor, Alexis Rowell, who recently moved to Lewes, says:

“Transition Free Press is designed as an antidote to the “quick consume and throw away” approach our society has developed to everything. Slow news, if you like – a more reflective, physical, real world approach to the dramatic changes going on around us. Our aim is to tell the national and international stories of the day through a different lens, a Transition lens. Our reporting will reflect the priorities of the Transition movement, not those of corporations or rich individuals – hence the Free Press in the name of the newspaper. We won’t shy away from difficult issues, but Transition Free Press will report solutions just as much as problems.

“We see TFP as a way to raise awareness about Transition issues, both inside the movement and outside. It’s a tool to explain Transition to those on the periphery. Or a way to reach decision-makers. And it’s a way to spread news and good practice among Transitioners. It’s also designed to show the reach of the Transition movement, something single Transition Initiatives can find hard to explain.”

The first issue of TFP will be published at the end of January. There’ll be one issue each quarter during the first pilot year. TTL have agreed to distribute 500 copies each quarter. We’ll sell some of those to raise money for our general funds and we’ll give away others when we want to reach particular individuals. If you’d like to help out – either by signing up for a regular subscription to TFP or by selling it at the Friday Food Market or the monthly Farmers’ Market, then please contact Alexis via .