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In early March, the team behind Tingle’s Way held an event for its major stakeholders. The objectives were to present the concept in a tangible way, to demonstrate potential synergies and shared objectives amongst participating groups and especially to inspire commitment to direct collaboration in the development of Tingle’s Way. Although the main objective was only partially realised, there is wide endorsement of Tingle’s Way and helpful feedback and ideas were offered.

Stakeholder participants represented the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA), Chalk Management Project (ChaMP), The National Trust, The Sussex Wildlife Trust, Ouse and Adur Rivers Trust (OART), Environment Agency, Lewes District Council, Eastbourne Borough and Lewes District Council, Lewes Town Council, The Railway Land Wildlife Trust (RLWT), Egrets Way, Friends of Lewes, Wildflower Lewes and of course, TTL.

We started with a presentation by Tony Whitbread, John Parry and Louise Holloway describing the context, essence and making of Tingle’s Way along with anticipated next steps and hints at evolution of the project.

We followed this with a walk of a section of Tingle’s Way from the Railway Land to the Pells. At specific locations, Tony Whitbread, John Parry, Audrey Jarvis, Neil Merchant, Patrick Crawford and Mary Benjamin contributed on topics ranging from the Anthropocene and nutrient cycling to the economy and the Lewes Pound, Trees, water quality, pollination, pesticides, community initiatives, wetlands, biodiversity and everything. It enabled people to appreciate the nature of and scope of Tingle’s Way, opportunities for collaboration and also for conversation.

The Friends of Lewes Trees Committee proposed waymark trees along the town section of the route, each tree telling a specific ecosystem service story and maybe even spelling TINGLE with the species selection! We have identified appropriate locations and possible species. Audrey Jarvis is now researching options and specifics related to the sites.

Lynda Durrant has begun the process of activation of Tingle’s Way through linking specific locations on the ground to relevant information and ideas via the web and later, a leaflet.

Forthcoming events that offer opportunities to further Tingle’s Way are the Railway Land Wildlife Trust’s festival “Looking out” 9 June and the Eastbourne and Lewes Downs Walking Festival in September. Details for the walking festival are required for print by the start of June so if you have specific ideas, please let me know soon. In fact, any thoughts on any of this and especially offers to share in aspects of making Tingle’s Way are very welcome.

Thank you!
Louise Holloway

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  1. Roger

    Hi Louise. Hope you are well. I would like to give a donation to help this happen. Is there a charity that could receive funds. Also I’m wondering why it does not stay on Prince Edward road directly to Pells.


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