Want to borrow a thermal imaging camera?

Ovesco has acquired a thermal imaging camera to help with its work promoting better insulation. And it’s inviting Lewes businesses and community groups to borrow it to help see how well-insulated their homes or premises really are – plus other energy efficiency equipment.

Thermal imaging cameras offer a fascinating way to see how well insulated or draught-proofed a building is – and where the ‘hot spots’ are that need to be tackled. The images below taken by community energy company Ovesco show what happens to heat in local shops when doors have to be left open (as is currently the case for Covid-19) – the brightest yellow patches are where the temperature is highest.

If you’re an organisation, business or local group based in Lewes (e.g. a neighbourhood group looking to assess the energy efficiency of its homes) that could find this kind of imaging useful, Ovesco is inviting you to get in touch.

Ovesco can also supply:

  • a metering plug that allows the power consumption of any plug-in device to be measured
  • a dampness meter to check for any damp patches on the wall that may affect a decision of whether to cavity fill a wall
  • a hot wire anemometer to look for draughts.





  1. Chris

    Great to see these OVESCO images of energy leaking from local shops. Before Covid-19 hit us in the UK shops would often have their doors wide open in the cold. This not only increases the shops energy bills but contributes to carbon emmissions and climate change. Covid-19 has meant that shop doors may have to be opened to let fresh air in, but as we hope to get back to some normality, perhaps shops to review leaving doors open in the future. Both in the winter to keep heat in and in the summer to control air conditioning when used.

  2. Chris Yarrow

    Sadly “head office”(eg at Waterstones, Millets) say they can’t do it! Time for them to get real, or at least install movement-sensitive doors.

  3. Chris

    Good piece in Sussex Express by Chris Yarrow a few weeks ago; ‘Ways to help heat fuel crisis’ 🙂

  4. Polly Senter

    As one of the residents of Clevedown suffering fuel poverty from lack of insulation in the buildings-I would like to borrow this camera. It would give us more evidence for putting pressure on The landlord- Sussex Housing and Care


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