Swift Day boosts Swift Watchers in Lewes

Lewes Swift Supporters had such an enthusiastic response to its ‘Swift Day’ at Lewes Climate Hub at the end of April that the group now has even more surveyors and Swift Watchers to help to monitor the return of the Swifts to Lewes.


Lewes Swift Supporters reports that Swift Watching has resulted in 49 active nest sites being recorded already in the town by end of May. This is the first wave of older, experienced Swifts who are returning to the nests where they have bred before.

And it says: “Keep your eyes on the skies because there is a lot more to look forward to. Very soon we should see the first-time breeders returning to land for the first time since they fledged three years ago. They will be followed by younger Swifts prospecting for a nest site for next year.”

If you see any Swifts, you can report them via the Lewes Swift Supporters Facebook group, via Twitter @LewesSwifts, or email lewesswifts@gmail.com.

You can find out more by visiting the website here.


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