The steering group manages and makes decisions on matters that affect TTL generally, including decisions regarding unallocated funds/donations, broad communications issues, strategic issues, helping groups to work in accordance with TTL principles and agreed procedures, supporting the formation of new groups and providing guidance on current projects to ensure they fit with TTL principles and strategy.

Where decisions are to be made about TTL principles, the steering group will involve TTL Active in proposed changes. The steering group cannot change the system by which the steering group is chosen.


Members should be prepared to:
•    Commit for a year initially
•    Attend monthly meetings on a regular basis
•    Read minutes and the agendas
•    Be prepared to contribute and to take responsibility for helping keep the rest of TTL informed and involved


The steering group is comprised of:
a)    A named representative from each core and support group (defined below)
b)    Any other person from the TTL network who applies when the steering group asks for new members

At least once a year (or other period to be agreed) the steering group will ask TTL news for nominations or offers from people wishing to be involved.   Potential steering group members would be asked if they wished to stand.  Those willing to stand would provide a short summary of who they are and what they feel they could contribute (no more than about 100 words), and they would have seen and read the steering group criteria.  The existing steering group can decline applications by consensus.  Should the potential steering group member wish to proceed, then they should attend two meetings.  After that their application will be considered by the existing steering group members.

Steering group members can ask to resign, preferably giving at least two months’ notice.  A steering group member can be asked to stand down if requested by consensus between the other members of the steering group.


Meetings will be held as at present, on the first Wednesday of each month.  These steering group meetings would as now be open to everyone interested in TTL to attend. 

Contact details will be given on the website for information on dates, venues, agendas and minutes.

Only steering group members at the meeting would be involved in the decision making process.  Agendas with any decisions to be made would be sent out in advance to steering group members.

Decisions would be made by consensus.

Quorum shall be at least 50% of steering group members, but 4 people at minimum.

The chair will be rotated.  Draft minutes will be circulated to all members for approval and sent out within 14 days of the meeting.

The steering group would encourage the setting up of working parties including other non-steering group people as and when necessary to consider issues on which decisions need to be made and take their considered advice in making decisions.

The steering group will regularly review the way it is working.


Members of the steering group should:
•    have understanding of Transition principles and agree to operate by them
•    have no history of defamatory or negative behaviour towards TTL or the transition movement
•    agree to abide by the principles by which the steering group works
•    actively seek to contribute to and enhance the good name of TTL


Confidentiality – members of the group are free to share whatever they wish but whatever is shared in the group stays in the group.  
Respect – all members should feel their contributions are valued and be sensitive to others concerns.
Commitment, responsibility and participation – be clear about whether you want to be involved and how and stick with it.
Make clear requests and agreements
Equal access to power – ensure that all in the group are able to participate fully.
Patience – listen carefully and let others finish.
Cooperation – try to build a shared decision rather than getting one point of view to win.
Accountability – we give reasons for our decisions.


These are defined as:
•    having a minimum of three people
•    be active ie should have met and discussed actions purposefully within the last six months
•    have an identity
•    be appropriate topics to TTL
•    avoid duplication (with boundaries)
•    have clear aims
•    acting in accordance with TTL aims and principles and those of the Transition movement.


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