Full results of the Lewes Shop Local Eat Local questionnaire are now available. There is a five-page summary with charts, and an appendix with all the
individual responses
(with personal details removed). Printed copies of
the main report will be available also, and distributed to shops,
stallholders and some others.

“Thanks very much to all the organisations and individuals who helped to
distribute the questionnaire, and everyone who took part. Some really
interesting ideas emerged. The Food Group will be in touch with everyone
who wanted to help promote local food and local independent shops and
markets.” Ann Link, TTL Food Group.

And the winner is…..
Mary Pullen has been selected as the winner of the  Shop Local Challenge and was presented with a hamper of food and food vouchers by Harveys Head Brewer, Miles Jenner. The shopping challenge was a joint enterprise between Octoberfeast and the Lewes Food Market. Lewes residents were invited to sign up to the challenge to shop for their food from the independent food shops for the 10 days of OctoberFeast. 65 people signed up for the challenge, 3 of which were men. Participants were encouraged to write about their experiences on the OctoberFeast website.

Mary was a regular contributor to the blog and was refreshingly enthusiastic whilst at the same time was honest about some of the difficulties she encountered. Whilst she found some food expensive she concluded that she thought that she was spending less by only buying what she needed as she needed it. Her final entry to the blog concluded,  ” I’ve gone to the supermarket today, and stocked up on those basics that are unobtainable/too expensive in local shops, mainly cleaning stuff. This should last me over a month. I am going to try to do all other shopping locally from now on. I’m really glad I did the challenge.”


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