Random acts of wildness


Julia Waterlow celebrates a new family activity pack from the Wildlife Trusts encouraging us all to get a bit more wild in nature this summer

Every day for a month the Wildlife Trusts have been encouraging us all to get a little bit closer to nature by completing a Random Act of Wildness.

This could be as simple as going barefoot on the grass, watching the clouds or identifying a wildflower.  This Wildlife Trusts campaign is traditionally geared up for June, but  there’s no reason why July or August couldn’t be the month you go wild.

The Wildlife Trusts have produced a colourful and inspiring 30 Days Wild downloadable free activity pack that you could use with your children or grandchildren.  I’m going to do it in the holidays with my granddaughter when she comes to stay.

Do let us know about any nature activities you’re planning to do with your youngsters this summer.



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