The waste group
wanted to see if there was a way to reduce the amount of domestic food waste
being collected and landfilled. A pilot project completed in August 2009 was
run by a member of the group to encourage households in Hawkenbury Way, on the Nevill, to compost
their food waste using Green Johannas (see here
for details). We obtained funding by the County Council for purchase of Green
Johannas and kitchen caddies and our ‘master composter’ found neighbours to try
it out and gave them help and advice, if they needed it. We felt it was a very
successful pilot.

We have now rolled this project out across Lewes.  We are offering free Green Johannas to
householders and in return ask that they talk to neighbours and friends about
Green Johannas and encourage them to buy one. With East Sussex County Council’s Compost Doctors we can provide expert
help and advice.


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