The ‘hands’ of energy descent, these projects have been created by groups of people in Transition Town Lewes. Please click on the hyperlinks to read about our successes – and our failures. Feel free to copy and improve on our ideas! Click here to look at the sister organisations making other brilliant projects happen in Lewes.

If you want to start a project, you might want to look at the project templates here.

Food Up Front 2011
The TTL Food Group held its third annual Food Up Front event at the Landport Youth Centre.

The Friday market
A weekly local produce market in the old Market Tower in the heart of Lewes

Seasonal recipes
A quarterly free leaflet with recipes of local seasonal food and listing local food shops

Draughtbusting Sunday
One household draughtproofed their home, invited people to visit and wrote up a resource list

The Lewes rocket composter
Large-scale composting of food from Lewes food outlets

The Do at the Depot
Celebrating the local with local traders, growers, craftspeople and fun!

A web-based trading scheme for local goods and services

The Lewes Pound
A much-discussed currency whose aim is to help people to think ‘shop local’

Local Food branding
A pilot to identify locally produced food by using stickers in shops

Greening your School
Forming Eco-teams in the secondary school and creating a resource for schools nationally

Forest Garden
A pilot to create an edible garden that models natural ecosystems

Garden Buddies
Connecting growers to share gardens and skills

The Ouse Valley Energy Services Company – distributing energy grants and energy advice for Lewes District Council and working towards community-owned renewable energy

Food Up Front Lewes
A pilot giving people free boxes soil and seed to start growing food on their doorstep

Lewes Energy Fair
An annual event inviting renewable energy installers and others to exhibit in the Cliffe Precinct

Baked Bean car club
An informal car club – using cars to reduce car use

Transition Library
Lewes Library bought and displayed books about climate change, peak oil and reskilling

Eco Open Houses
A variety of local homes with energy saving/generating installations, open to the public. Has been done three years in a row

Master composter project
Helping people adopt Green Johanna composters street-by-street

Priory School and Transition
TTL’s first project in schools

Waste awareness days
Raising public awareness about waste

Recycle your Read!
A Book Crossing project from the Arts Group

Imagine a better future
Moving sounds workshops in all Lewes primary schools

Seedy Saturday
A collaborative annual project for seed swapping and much, much more

Heat More Greens!
An initiative for householders to block buy and install solar thermal panels
A gateway to information and ideas about climate change and peak oil – aimed at local businesses

Lewes Community Bag
Cloth bags supported by local businesses


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