The campaign to make Lewes District pesticide free has been successfully concluded, with the District Council voting unanimously on May 10th to phase out pesticides as much as possible on the land for which they are responsible. They will use a new “FoamStream” technology to kill weeds using hot water and foam made from non-toxic plant oils. The foam acts as a thermal blanket, keeping the 98 degree heat provided by the hot water on the weed long enough to kill it.

If you see a strange machine on Lewes District land, dousing weeds with foam, do not be alarmed since it is completely safe both for you and your pets. In fact, there is no need even for the operatives to use protective gear.

The Pesticide Free Lewes campaign met with enthusiastic support from local councillors, council officers and the council’s contractors and is obviously an idea whose time has come!


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