Pesticide-Free Lewes represented our campaign at the Lewes Societies Fair in Lewes Corn Exchange on the 3rd September. They had a very positive response from the public to their campaign. Many people shared upsetting or disturbing experiences with conventional pesticides (some employment experiences, some experiences from their neighbourhood) which shows that (contrary to industry publicity), many people are concerned by the harm pesticides can do. We’ve now collected over 1000 signatures so far.

Kate (from the pesticide – free Lewes Campaign team) managed to speak to Lewes MP Maria Caulfield, who attended the fair, about the campaign and the need to reduce agricultural pesticide use.

If you want to help the campaign, you can sign the petition or look out for one of the paper copies being circulated throughout Lewes District. If you’d like to get further involved in the campaign, contact
Take a look at the Brighton-based Pesticide Action Network UK


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