The Harveys PV project is now completed and generating power. The PV array was commissioned by Southern Solar on the 27th July. OVESCO plans to update its web site with live data before the end of the year. A lively party was held for the shareholders on the 30th July to celebrate the completion of project, and John Stockdale, Mayor of Lewes, thanked all those involved for making this ground-breaking project happen on time.

The Harveys PV system had generated 11,259kWh by Friday 26th August – over 12% of its projected annual generation in 6 weeks, which is not bad considering the weather we’ve had.

OVESCO wants to install a further 200kw (1000 PV panels) before April 2012 in Lewes District, and the directors are seeking sites at local schools, community buildings and businesses to make Lewes a solar-powered district. Chris Rowland said: ‘Let’s see an expansion of community-financed renewable power in Lewes District. We want the local community to continue to get involved and support us to build on our success’. Director Nick Rouse (OVESCO’s engineer) is about to devote a day a week to alternative projects for OVESCO to develop, such as micro hydro and tidal power. OVESCO’s office gets calls every day from other groups from as far away as Scotland and Wales, asking how Lewes made this happen. So once again OVESCO wants to thank its shareholders, TTL, Harveys and Southern Solar, because this is a community project and could not have happened without their support.

Our thanks to David McHugh for the image below.

16 August 2011


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