OVESCO is looking forward to “How Can We Really Change Stuff” and celebrating 10 years of both TTL & OVESCO. It’s been an amazing decade from a time when nobody had solar PV to this year when solar PV and wind energy provided 50% of our entire electricity on one day in June.

Sunny Solar School & Hot Solar Thermal

  OVESCO is currently looking at two new projects. The first is called Sunny Solar Schools, which kicks off with a feasibility study to looking at getting solar PV on up to 25 schools across East Sussex. The second project is Hot Solar Thermal, which is looking at the feasibility for solar thermal on leisure centres across the Lewes District. Both projects have initial funding from the Rural Community Energy Fund (RCEF) administered by the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP). OVESCO is working with Ashden’s LESSCO2 Schools and has already had Ringmer Community College, Newick C of E Primary School and Chiddingly Primary school as the first three schools sign up for feasibility studies. 

For the solar thermal OVESCO has started talking to Wave Leisure to look at firstly look at the swimming pool in Lewes. OVESCO is interested to hear from potential investors and supporters and well as schools in East Sussex with south facing roof space for 100+ solar panels.

2017 Ashden Awards (sometimes called the Green Oscar’s)

This year’s Ashden Awards were particular exciting with Al Gore as the key note speaker who received a standing ovation for his speech, in which he said; “there is no stopping the renewable energy revolution and despite President Trump turning his back on the Paris Climate Change agreement, if anything the rest of the world has taken an even harder line on the harsh realities of tacklling climate change”. The 2017 Award winners included Hangzou Bicycle Service and Transport Development Co Ltd, the biggest public bike share scheme in the world, and Switchee who are helping landlords cut costs and fight fuel poverty in the UK. For anyone not familiar with the Ashden Awards both Ringmer Community College and OVESCO are previous winners.


The 2017 Community Energy England Conference (CEE)


All eyes were on the launch of the Community Energy State of the Sector report, which featured OVESCO’s Priory school PV system on the front cover. The report can be downloaded at the new CEE website: www.communityenergyengland.org and highlights the growth of community energy during the period 2010-2017 and what will happen as we enter a reduced subsidy and ultimately subsidy-free market place. In partnership with the Climate Action group 10:10, CEE launched a lobbying pack for 2017, which can be found at www.ukcec.org. Community energy and Transition groups are encouraged to make good use of this pack to ask their MPs for support around three key issues:

1. Re-introduce fair taxation & financial mechanisms for community-owned energy.
2. Review planning rules so that community wind, solar & hydro projects are given fair treatment within the planning system.
3. Give communities full & fair access to the energy markets, particularly where there are scale & capacity issues preventing communities from selling or using energy locally.

Chris Rowland, OVESCO


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