OVESCo has the go ahead from Lewes District Council for solar thermal (hot water heating) grants – for approximately 50 homes – and loans up to £12K via Parity Trust (previously known as South Coast Money Line).

Lewes District Council offers grants to encourage the installation of domestic renewable energy systems in the District. Funding is to encourage householders to consider alternative fuels when looking into new heating systems or appliances. All homeowners are encouraged to install renewable energy systems, and to assist with the initial installation costs a grant is available: Renewable Incentive Grants (RI) for Solar Thermal panels. Application forms are available from OVESCo. Full details of the grant plus criteria for eligibility here…

Solar thermal panel 

Any customer wanting to take out a loan will have to apply to Parity Trust for a financial check and OVESCo will survey the home once the work is finished so the loan can be released. Anyone can apply in council tax band A-F in the Lewes District. Full details here…


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