One-to-one Energy Help & Advice

Fridays 4, 11 & 18 February, various venues, FREE 

Lewes Climate Hub and community energy company Ovesco are running three more of their free energy bill support drop-in sessions this month – and Ovesco has lots more plans to support householders, including free Home Energy Packs and insulation kits to those on low incomes.  

Bring along your latest gas and/or electricity bills and Ovesco’s Energy Champions and Climate Hub volunteers will be on hand to help you understand your statements, see if you qualify for any discounts, and see if there are additional ways you can save further money and energy.

Sessions in February are
Friday 4 February – Landport Community Room 2a Horsfield Road – 10am-1pm
Friday 11 February – Lewes House of Friendship, School Hill – 10am-1pm
Friday 18 February – Landport Community Room 2a Horsfield Road – 10am-1pm  

Also by appointment at Lewes Climate Hub at 2 Fisher Street – email

Come along to learn:

  • Are you on the right energy tariff?
  • Are you eligible for the Warm Home Discount?
  • What happens if your energy company goes bust?

    This joint initiative between Ovesco Community Energy company and volunteers from Lewes Climate Hub is being supported by Lewes District Council and the Big Energy Saving Network.

    Home energy packs and retrofit support
    Ovesco is keen to reach many local households and build partnerships with community and outreach centres to support its work around combatting fuel poverty. As well as advice on bills, it is giving away free ‘Home Energy Packs’ and insulation kits to those on low income consisting of:  

  • General energy efficiency information
  • Information on free fuse upgrades
  • Radflek (radiator reflectors)
  • Draught excluders
  • Secondary glazing film

For those interested in more in-depth energy saving, its Communiheat programme has gathered resources and signposting for advice on retrofitting properties to make them less draughty and more energy efficient. This will be posted on its website, and be made available through its energy saving programme.

For more information about any of these services or if you would like bill checking or advice to a group you are involved with, please email or call its new freephone number: 0800 4589045.

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  1. Chris

    Great to see the Climate Hub in Lewes and OVESCO working together to help local people with their energy bills and a time when we the UK needs to get off costly imported fossil fuels. Lets see the message spread across the District and get Seaford Climate Hub’s support to help our costal communities as well. looking forward to seeing energy packs to to home owners especial for those struggling to pay their energy bills at the moment.


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