Do you still have copies of the previous issue of the Lewes Pound in your purse or wallet? They might be the special issue celebrating the Mumford and Sons event or they might be our beautiful LP1 notes featuring designs based on Harvey’s Brewery or Keere Street by young people. Or maybe you even have one of our LP10 notes featuring the then newly open Linklater Pavilion.

Now is the time to swap them for our even more beautifully designed 2014 issue notes, including the LP5 and LP1 notes designed by a local schoolgirl as part of the 750th anniversary of the Battle of Lewes and the LP 10 celebrating the South Downs National Park. You can take your old notes into any of our issuing points and they will be happy to swap them over for you.

You will then be ready to carry on supporting local businesses by spending our own local currency until 2020.


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