The Greening Campaign recently ran a series of conferences and workshops
which gathered information, concerns, ideas and inspiration from
various community groups right across the country – you were amazing!

We have gathered some of those thoughts into a paper which is attached – please at least spend the time reading this so you
are aware of the radical change this policy could make.  We have also
provided the web address for the full Green Deal consultation document
and references for specific points within the document to make life easy
for you.

If you are a builder, financer, householder, inventor, surveyor,
accountant, a person that pays fuel bills; if you use electricity, work
with the elderly, work with vulnerable people, are worried about CO2
emissions… then you have expertise that needs to be used to help the
government get this right!  Please read the attached short document. 

Give the future 1 hour of your time! Please pass to your contacts.


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