Daphne Lambert in conversation with Anni Townend

…There is nothing more powerful to affect your health than the food you eat, every mouthful of food you swallow changes everything in the body including your gut microbes and different microbes in your gut are associated with health and disease. Every bite of apple, sweetcorn, tomato, coconut, almond, avocado, prawn or chicken not only effects individual health but the health of growers, producers, communities and the environment, there is no division it is all interconnected.

As well as being conscious of how your food arrived on your plate, food is social, its about sharing & pleasure. Join us and experience the pleasure of small taste sensations and discuss ways we, as eaters, can support fair and nourishing food for all. (microbes included!)

In association with Transition Town Lewes.

To book on Eventbrite go to https://tinyurl.com/zjlanlv

Daphne Lambert – medicinal chef, nutritionist & author. greencuisinetrust.org

Anni Townend – leadership consultant, coach & author. annitownend.com

For more information contact Sue Fleming 0785577 7715


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