The Lewes Pound Group has launched a new smartphone payment trial with positive business and social benefits up for grabs…

15 of our great, independent Lewes businesses have already started the pioneering journey to change the way we keep money working harder for a more sustainable and fairer local economy; and the number of businesses taking an interest is growing.

They are now accepting smartphone payments via Droplet Rewards, a new “Zero Touch” way to pay conveniently and to collect rewards at your favorite local businesses ….. AND with a few other benefits…

Find out which businesses accept Droplet Rewards by trying out the app….

Everyone with an i-Phone or Android smartphone or tablet and a UK bank account is invited to claim their free £5 introductory reward:


1. Download the free Droplet Rewards app in the Apple Appstore / Google Playstore

2. Add your payment card (Droplet treats card details securely and encrypts data)

3. Claim your free £5 by redeeming one of the voucher codes (“LP5” or ask for the code at one of the participating businesses)

4. Find the business where you want to buy something (should be at the top of your app if you are at that business)

5. “Tap pay here”

6. A staff member charges you and gives you your reward stamp on your app.

7. You’ll receive an automatic electronic notification and an email receipt.

8.  All done…. Enjoy!

You can then pass on this £5 gift again yourself to friends, family and colleagues via your app with your own referral code.

A tool for good…

This initiative allows many of us to make a contribution to their community in an effortless way.

With the app on your phone you can quickly discover the nearest participating independent local businesses who are always showing in order of proximity wherever you are in Lewes and anywhere else in the UK.


By opening a savings and current account via the East Sussex Credit Union and connecting your debit card to the Droplet Rewards App, we can make it really easy to keep more money local (in East Sussex).

By having more people managing their finances via the ESCU, it can increase its lending power and activities to improve financial inclusion and affordable loans to those who live and work in East Sussex.

Local businesses save on debit and credit card fees and make it easier and quicker to pay (we all know how hectic running a shop can be or how much we are in a rush ourselves) and help to attract more custom.

We can save for rewards and support our local businesses.

Why not join the trial…!
Any businesses or organisations who’d like to know more or want to join the trial and open an personal and business account with the East Sussex Credit Union, please contact Ferrie:

We will be sharing stories from businesses and people in the coming months so watch this space!




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