The next L&OVe Group meeting will be on Thursday 13 October, 7.30pm.
1) The Manager and Chair of Pells Pool have agreed their interested in being a ‘pilot’ enterprise for exploring with us the things their enterprise gets from the local environment and the value of a healthy local environment to them! We are now using the next group meeting (Thurs 13 Oct) to draw up and frame more precisely what we shall offer to do with them and to get the ball rolling on the exploration process.

2) We have had a poster presentation accepted at the SAC/SEPA conference in Scotland on “Valuing Ecosystems: Policy, Economic and Management Interactions”. The conference is in April. Our poster is called “Going Local: Community Visualisation of Ecosystem Services”.

3) We are still in discussion with the SDNP Authority over potential funding.

4) The Environment Agency have been in touch about the Coastal Communities 2150 project, which aims to engage communities at risk from sea level rise (resulting from climate change) to understand the risks they face and help enable communities to take appropriate action to ensure their communities remain viable. We are starting to explore how we may work with this project.

5) Daron Williams who has been working on the framework for a stand-alone L&OVe website has now completed his stay in the UK and left for the USA. The group wishes to thank Daron hugely for all his work and engagement with group activities – his energy and enthusiasm will be sorely missed! L&OVe are seeking someone with an interest in website management (and design?) to take over finalising content and management of the site [NB. Interest needed, NOT any great experience with Web design. Some familiarity with html would be an advantage].


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