Lewes Tree SummitCarrying on the work of the hugely successful Lewes Tree Summit held in March, Lewes Railway Land Wildlife Trust has set up an online forum to share ideas and plan future tree-planting projects in and around Lewes.

You can access the forum here.There are already plenty of discussions taking place on topics from setting up a tree and wildflower nursery to the best ways to boost natural capital.

You can also view the presentations given at the Lewes Tree Summit and the Declaration that was drawn up on the day .

Helen Meade, coordinator at Lewes Railway Land Wildlife Trust, comments: “Please do take part in the forum! The pandemic has amplified the need for positive action to support ecological recovery and address the climate crisis. It would be brilliant to reinvigorate the energy that the Tree Summit generated and the desire to take action.”

Creating a tree town

Lewes Tree SummitAnother project to get communities planting trees has been started by a 9-year-old, Lara in Shropshire. Hosted by Possible, a group looking to inspire climate action around the UK, the Tree Town project includes a step-by-step guide to getting more trees planted in your neighbourhood. Could be a great complement to the Lewes Tree Summit Forum.


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