Town Hall reception celebrates the success of the Lewes Pound

On 30th November 2015 the Mayor of Lewes, Susan Murray, held a reception at the town hall to celebrate the success of the Lewes Pound so far and to update stakeholders on progress with a feasibility study into an electronic version of the Lewes Pound.

  Present were directors of the Lewes Pound CIC (including of course the mayor herself); businesses that accept the Lewes Pound, including Harveys and Cheese Please; staff from Knill James who very kindly do our accounts for free, representatives from Smith & Ouzman who print our beautiful notes; other town councillors and Julie from reception at the town hall, which is an issuing point; Ferrie our researcher; and other supporters.

Smith and Ouzman very kindly presented the Mayor with a framed set of our current notes.

It was a most enjoyable evening with people taking the opportunity to share their experiences of the Lewes Pound and very interested in future prospects too. Food was provided by local producer Annabel’s Kitchen. Annabel sells her goodies in The Friday market every week and is of course very happy to accept Lewes pounds in payment, as are something like 100 businesses in Lewes.


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