Lewes Eco Home Extravaganza welcomes hundreds

Almost 300 householders came to the Eco Home Extravaganza at Lewes Town Hall in May. Nicki Myers of community energy company Ovesco, which organised the event, explains why spreading the word about home energy efficiency is now so urgent.

It’s great to be able to report that the first Eco Home Extravaganza ever in Lewes, run by Ovesco on 18 May at Lewes Town Hall, was a huge success. The day featured 22 local organisations, including companies fitting heat pumps, solar PV panels, home batteries and insulation.

Almost 300 homeowners came through the door, lingering sometimes for hours to talk about their plans of making their homes more energy efficient. The event proved to be a fantastic opportunity to enable in-depth conversations between homeowners and installers in a relaxed, no pressure atmosphere.

Quotes from the Day

“Absolutely brilliant! I got lots of really useful information.”

“Great to talk to real experts.”

“I got information that I didn’t even know I needed!”

“It busted a lot of myths”


Why is this important?

Events where residents can explore practical, achievable ways to make their homes greener – as well as potentially cheaper to run – are becoming more and more important.

To keep up with its carbon reduction targets, Lewes District needs to be installing at least 3,000 electric heat pumps per year to make its 42,000 homes carbon efficient, as well as fitting solar PV panels to power homes and cars from the sun.

Homeowners also need to be supported to find the right ways of making their homes more energy efficient by fitting insulation and upgrading their windows to double glazing.

Eco Home Open Houses

If you missed the Eco House Extravaganza, don’t worry. More information and inspiration is at hand. During two weekends in September, a number of residents of Lewes District will be opening up their own ‘eco homes’ to show how they have made them more energy efficient and sustainable.

On 14/15 September, homes in Lewes, Barcome and Ringmer will showcase heat pumps, solar PV panels, electric cars, super insulation and ecological gardening practices.

On 21/22 September it’s the turn of homes in Kingston, Rodmell, Newhaven and Seaford.  Watch out for more information over the summer!

As a taster, an architect-owned house in Seaford will showcase the work they are doing upgrading insulation – think external wall insulation and triple glazing.   This event is for one evening only from 6pm-9pm on 18 July. Contact nicki.myers@ovesco.co.uk or check out the Ovesco website for more information at www.ovesco.co.uk.

Don’t forget that Ovesco Energy Champions are also available Wed-Fri, 11am-3pm at Lewes Climate Hub, 32 High Street for free, impartial advice on energy bills and making your home more energy efficient. More info here.




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