Lewes Climate Hub to open on 22 May

Lewes Climate Hub will officially open its doors at 2 Fisher Street in central Lewes on Saturday 22 May – and everyone’s welcome to come along and share their ideas on what they’d like it to feature. 

Lewes Climate Hub came out of the concept of climate emergency centres – places in the hearts of communities where anyone can get information and advice in order to take action on climate change and its impacts, such as flooding, water scarcity and severe weather conditions. 

The urgency of the global warming crisis has made it vitally important to give climate action a high-profile presence in every community. By having a physical centre in the heart of Lewes, it’s hoped that a wider cross-section of the town can be inspired to engage with climate and environmental action – and feel welcome to get involved in local projects. 

Lewes Climate Hub is sharing its new premises at 2 Fisher Street (just around the corner from the Town Hall) with Lewes Community Volunteers (formerly Lewes Coronavirus Volunteers). So there’s an exciting opportunity to share resources and ideas to support many different aspects of our local community – from food to biodiversity to creating a more sustainable, low-carbon economy. 

The Hub aims to provide information and signpost to groups and projects focusing on nine areas: Energy, Food, Housing, Jobs & Economy, Biodiversity, Water & Flooding, Transport & Air Quality, Waste & Reuse, and Well-being. As well as signposting to other groups’ activities, the Hub will also host its own workshops, talks, projects and online events. 

Lewes Climate Hub is run and managed by volunteers from a range of local community organisations concerned about climate change and creating a socially-fair transition to a more sustainable, green economy. Alongside Transition Town Lewes, these include Extinction Rebellion, Friends of Lewes and the Railway Land Wildlife Trust. You can see the full list of affiliates here.   

If you are part of a group interested in becoming an affiliate member, please email info@lewesclimatehub.org. Organisers are also interested in learning what information and support visitors would like from the Hub – so either email your thoughts or drop into the Hub when it opens. 

Regular opening hours for the Hub are still to be announced – but the plan is to be open during normal business hours. Look forward to seeing you there! 


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