Climate Action ForumThe Climate Action Forum for Lewes District has been launched with support from Lewes District Council as part of its response to the climate emergency.

Co-ordinated by 3VA and the Sustainable Business Partnership CIC, the forum aims to:

  • Support the creation of shared ideas for climate action;
  • Enable community involvement in climate action;
  • Develop an ongoing group of interested stakeholders; and
  • Maximise opportunities for feedback to Lewes District Council on their Climate Change and Sustainability Framework.

The forum held its first online Zoom meeting in early October, attracting 85 residents and community representatives from across Lewes District. It has also set up a website where local groups can inform everyone about their projects and news – see more here...

We think this is a great initiative that can enable residents and local groups and businesses across our district to come together to take co-ordinated action on climate change and ecological breakdown. In particular, we look forward to the forum being used to allow local people and groups to keep influencing and contributing to the council’s plans to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2030.

If you’d like to get involved in the forum, submit your details here…


  1. Ken Whitehouse

    Interested in finding out more

    • Juliet Oxborrow

      Hi Ken – That’s great – check out the Lewes Climate Action Forum to learn more – link in the article above. And submit your details here to be invited to future meetings and get email updates here –


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