A second consultation phase on Lewes District Council’s Local Development Framework (LDF) has been on-going since October 2011. The deadline has recently been extended to 2 December 2011, so now is the time to get your views on the Emerging Core Strategy for Lewes LDF heard.  See the LDF Group page on the TTL website for the reasons why it’s important to be part of the consultation.

If you feel that you would like to have an input into the Lewes LDF, but do not feel you have the time; are not sure what to say or how to say it; feel daunted by the volume of information to take in or are unable (for some other reason) to make a personalised submission, we feel that it would be worthwhile providing a framework around which you can make your voice heard, but that may save you time, effort and energy.

The TTL LDF page has a summary of the original submission the group put together back in July last year. Although the consultation is now over the Emerging Core Strategy document, many of the points we made in the original submission have been passed over or not brought out as strongly.

Please feel free to use elements from the submission we prepared to help you make points you wish to, but feel too short of time! You’re welcome to cut and paste anything out of the Summary we provide (or out of the full submission) and use or adapt it to suit your priorities to form a submission of your own relating to the Emerging Core Strategy. [NB. Much of the detail within the full submission related to the Core Strategy Topic papers, so you will need to check how the points relate to the new Emerging Core Strategy (ECS) document]. Alternatively, please just write in to the Lewes LDF Team at LDC (address below) and offer your support to our original submission, making the point that you feel some or all of it requires more representation in the ECS. NB. YOU NEED TO MAKE ANY SUBMISSION by 2 December 2011 to get your voice heard. Please note…


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