Rising Earth News

Exciting news! A new YouTube channel is being launched to inform and educate people on the actions they can take now (and the movements that are already happening) to achieve a greener society. Rising Earth News is the brainchild of community energy activists Nadia Smith and Howard Johns (who helped Transition Town Lewes set up Lewes’ own community energy company, Ovesco).

The new channel be looking at a range of sustainability topics, from renewable energy and cleantech, to sustainable farming, waste and recycling, green finance, new economics, indigenous wisdom from established communities around the world, positive business, and more. News content will appear in a 20 minute ‘newsreel’ style format updated fortnightly on YouTube and will feature uplifting interviews with pioneers. The stories will include links to extended content, calls to action and ways for people to participate.

The first newsreel features:

  • Joe Brindle, founder of the Teach the Future campaign
  • Rob Hopkins, author, environmentalist and co-founder of the Transition Network
  • Jyoti Fernandes from the Landworker’s Alliance and La Via Campesina
  • Salvatore Glencarelle, founder of Helper’s Mentoring Society
  • And a ‘weather’ report on how current weather trends are causing spikes in renewable energy and the impact that could have…