TreesAs just one part of the multi-faceted solution to combat climate change and biodiversity loss we need to stop cutting down trees.  And we need to plant more.  They absorb carbon, fight flooding, reduce pollution, nurture wildlife and make landscapes more resilient.  Reducing our carbon footprint will not be enough.

SO – we were wondering do you know of any landowners in and around Lewes who might be prepared to allow trees to be planted on their land?  It needn’t be a big area but the larger the better in terms of creating biodiversity.  The idea would be for local experts to assess whether the land would be suitable for planting (or maybe just natural regeneration) and what kind of trees would work best.  We could work together to apply for funding for the trees and planting could be a community exercise.

There are plenty of organisations promoting this such as the Woodland Trust who are asking people to pledge to plant a tree.  Friends of the Earth want the government to commit to doubling our tree cover  and the Soil Association want farms to plant trees.

This interesting article by Fran Southgate for the Sussex Wildlife Trust gives a nuanced view about the benefits of tree planting: Climate Change – is tree planting the solution?

If you have ideas do please get in touch below.

Julia Waterlow of TTL



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