Oops! Decades of climate policy hasn’t helped the climate. It turns out that a focus on emissions isn’t enough and even a focus on climate isn’t enough. Climate policy with a chance of stopping runaway climate change is policy for radically reshaping the global economy. The old way of running economies, competing to turn ever more valuable resources into dangerous wastes, is coming to an end whether or not politicians choose to make the transition. So now we have a moment of opportunity (before experiencing a world without either a working economy or climate) to attract attention to proposals for a new way to run economies.

Lewes resident James Greyson proposes a policy that’s worth a look. Politicians would get economies able to grow (by building future economic activity from cutting emissions and waste of all resources). Transition initiatives would get funding that matches the work to be done. All of us would get an economy and a climate with a chance of recovery. The policy is called ‘Fix the system – get a circular economy‘, and would allow markets to shift funds from the old linear waste-making economy economy to a new sustainable circular resource-regenerating economy.

James’ proposal is the most supported and most commented proposal in MIT’s Climate CoLab this year. Unfortunately the CoLab looks unlikely as a way to bring it to the world’s attention so please let’s hear your ideas on what to do instead. Where’s the best place to take really big ideas?

Please check out the proposal, click the ‘support’ button and add a comment with your thoughts. Thanks! Check it out here…


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