Meet the latest Hub partner group: Lovebrook CIC

Lovebrook CIC is a for-benefit organisation based across 33 acres of farmland in Kingston just outside Lewes, focusing on regenerative food growing, wellbeing, education and transition. It’s become the latest partner group to join Lewes Climate Hub.


Director and project manager Rich O’Brien says: “We were established in 2022 as a response to the converging ecological and social crises that we are currently facing. We focus on regenerative food production, community wellbeing and transition.

We have a busy program of volunteer days and wellbeing sessions working with people in the Lewes area focusing on mental health, trauma and isolation. We also run a training course for the next generation of regenerative farmers.

We fund our work through activities such as selling our delicious veg through our veg bag scheme which is always open to new subscribers!

Find out more at  or @lovebrook_CIC on instagram.


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