Each group:

Acts in accordance with TTL aims and principles and those of the Transition movement

Has a minimum of three people

Is active, ie meets and discusses actions purposefully

Is open to whoever wants to come

Has an identity, has a topic appropriate to TTL and avoids duplication (with boundaries) with other groups

Has clear written aims

Has a ‘contact’ who acts as the point of contact for the group

Creates content for a page on the TTL website.

The people in the groups might like to ask themselves, “who isn’t here that should be here?”, that is, always be open to exploring new ‘avenues’ by which new people can be drawn into the group.

The role of the contact…

The main role of the ‘contact’ is to be the point of contact for the group. Their email address (and possibly telephone number) is publicised through TTL. The contact also helps the group to function well by ensuring that s/he or another member of the group do the following:

Arrange meeting dates and venues

Ensure there is a chair and note-taker at each meeting

Keep in touch by email or other means

Take information to and from meetings of the Steering Group

Recruit new members to the group

Network with other groups inside and outside of TTL

Keep people engaged and enthusiastic.



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